Computer Graphics: Realtime Video

COMP471 / CART 498C


Fall 2006

COMP lectures: M W 2:45-4:00 , Room H-431

CART+COMP lectures: W 2:45-4:00, Room H-431

Lab Section 1: Freida Abtan, Th 1:30-3:30 in EV 5-709

Lab Section 2: Yannick Assogba, F 10:30-12:30, in EV 5-815

Lab Section 3: Erik Conrad, F 1:30-3:30, in EV 5-815


Prof. Sha Xin Wei



Final Team Projects

Final Projects Class Video



Course Description


This course introduces real-time processing and synthesis of image and video, with applications to performance events and responsive media environments. Topics include sampled image vs. structured light, digital representations of video, live video, real-time effects, array processing, and applications of computer vision. The course approaches visual image as a medium continuous in time and space, subject to continuous transformations. It also provides an opportunity to practice data-flow programming in a standard environment for real-time visual and sonic media installations, i.e. Max / Jitter.


This course will be oriented to the practical production of "2D" video sampled or synthetic textures with applications in installation and performance arts, rather than "3D" geometry for games.


Phenomenology of performance, theater, dance, and architecture will contextualize the technical discussion. Supplementary readings will be drawn from critical studies of media arts and performance, philosophy and history of techno-science, as well as computer graphics and computer vision. Prominent examples of video art will provide perspective and challenge.


In laboratory, students will create real-time media synthesis applications using a professional real-time media framework (Max/Jitter).


This class is designed for advanced undergraduate / graduate students from diverse disciplines who want to work with technologies of performance. It prepares students for subsequent work in responsive media environments and installation art.


Students will be evaluated on class participation, assignments, and on final team projects. (See examples of student projects from related course on alchemical video.)


COMP 352 (Data structures and algorithms). However, students from Faculty of Fine Arts and other Schools are welcome to take this course with permission of the instructor. Design Computation Arts students may take this for CART credit by permission of their home department.

A background in digital sound or video, performance, performing arts, or architecture is helpful but not necessary.

To Do

Labs are mandatory at least until the project building sessions, unless otherwise permitted by the instructors.