CART 412 Project Studio II: Infrastructure, Art, Design

(Winter 2012 Wednesdays 8:30 - 12:30

EV-5.615 (EV-5.709) )

Course Description

Is it possible to make infrastructure art, or art about infrastructure?

This class concerns the problem of how to make representations, models, installations that address themes involving infrastructure: e.g. electrical systems, urban dynamics, HVAC, political economies, markets. To that end we will read selections on non-representaional theories by Nigel Thrift. Secondly, we will try to make these presentations coordinated in a scale that relies on individual design strengths, but also has a larger coherence as an exhibition or event than single-authored work. The format of an event can range from a system-simulating game to an analysis of a public urban site. To inform that we read Christopher Alexander's techniques for in situ / diagram / model / material process, and Antonin Artaud on theatre.

This will be an opportunity for students to tackle substantial complexes of thoughts, with some cultural or political resonance, and try to make events that allow the spectator or visitor to inhabit those thoughts.


The discussion sessions' format will be pretty free, but here is a prototypical pattern for a session:

  • Presentation
  • Group discussion of readings, themes for the week.
  • Break
  • In-class work session, lab

You will make collectively an event, conditioned by your artifacts.


40% in class participation
read, make notes, bring examples, exercises

60% final project:
(40%) work
(20%) documentation
Why is it interesting, experientially | conceptually | technically
Context: comparisons, antecedents



Provisional Syllabus

Final Projects