Architecture of Responsive Spaces

Graduate Seminar

Tuesdays 1:30 - 5:30, EV -.---

Sha Xin Wei

In this course we design environments configured of physical materials and responsive computational media as meaningful responses to our urban condition. Students will have an opportunity to work substantially on critical aspects of creating responsive installations using physical computing and realtime media synthesis. This seminar houses critical work accompanying the creation of installation-events in parallel studio courses.


Media technologies such as the radio, video and more recently, computer simulation have profoundly altered our conceptions of reality and virtuality, of our experiences of habitation and urban life. This course explores several moments in the history of hybrid architecture that question how we imagine, construct, navigate and inhabit computational and physical built spaces.

Roughly half of the course explores architects', artists' and urban designers' approaches to patterning the urban world. The other half of the course explores the construction of meaningful habitable or playful spaces by combining physical materials and responsive computational media. We explore how computational image, speech, text and gesture may be used as material in hybrid urban habitation.

In the studio class parallel to this seminar, teams of students will create small responsive installations. Students will subtly tilt a part of the built environment, based on some critical and social studies of the city.

A prerequisite for this course is some experience building installation-events as interventions in a built environment. Students without such background but who are interested in gaining such experience may contact the instructor.



This class will be run as a combination of a seminar in which students will discuss their responses to the readings or artifacts and as critiques of small prototypes of responsive media environments by teams of undergraduates.

Students will construct responses as short written texts and online journals. The term project will be a written evauation of a responsive media artifact or environment as an intervention in the built environment.

You"ll be evaluated on the basis of your seminar participation and your final document.


Readings will be drawn from this list. Boldface indicates principal texts. The WIKI contains readings, show and tell notes, and student projects

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Krzysztof Wodiczko, projection artist. ,
Early work with "personal instruments" (1980's)
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