Special Topics in Science, Technology and Culture: Living Pattern

Prof. Sha Xin Wei

Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00 - 1:30

Skiles 308


This course explores several approaches to the construction of pattern and meaning in computational and physical spaces and asks how we could make sense of or even inhabit such spaces. Roughly half of the course will explore different ways of making patterns in the world and of making sense in it, and the criticisms leveled against those approaches: simulation, cybernetics, systems theories. The second half of the course explores a positive project of constructing meaningful worlds by fusing notions of materiality and elastic spacetime. We explore how computational mediated speech, text and gesture may be used as material for hybrid, urban habitation..


There's an informal prerequisite of a first course in critical studies or philosophy and new media. The course presumes a willingness to work with and write about challenging material.

Themes & Readings

Order and Content may vary.

Course Structure

There are periodic writing assignments.

Each assignment will consist of a Reading and a Response: Email a written text responding to each of the readings 1-2 pages per reading or artifact. Summarize in your words what you take away from the reading.

How does the reading approach the themes under discussion? How do the readings respond to one another?

The assignments must be done individually. Written responses or artifacts for the current theme must be emailed by 17:00 on the due date.


You will be evaluated on your in-class participation (1/3) and your written responses (2/3).






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