Topological Media Lab



Prof. Sha Xin Wei

We study the phenomenology of gesture and performance, how media can be tangible, how people inhabit spaces made of responsive matter.

We study gesture, agency and materiality from phenomenological as well as computational perspectives.

Based on such studies, our goal is to create novel forms of gesturally nuanced, time-based media and use them in settings with high socio-political, aesthetic, or emotional value.

The projects are inspired by collaborative work with artists, performers and researchers in Europe, Canada, Japan, and the U.S.A.

The studio-lab's physical-computing artifacts, installation experiments, and scholarly presentations provide opportunities for students to integrate critical, artistic, and scientific practices. Please see the Topological Media Lab pages for videos and documents about current research areas. Students with backgrounds or interests ranging from fine arts, electronic music, theater and architecture to materials and textile sciences, computational physics, signal processing, computer vision and pattern recognition etc. have all been welcome to the TML.


Research Areas


Wireless Sensing, Ubiquitous Computing

Gesture Tracking, Mapping

Realtime Video Instruments

Realtime Sound Instruments

Body and Fabric-based Softwear

Media Choreography



Phenomenology of Media: Agency and Gesture

Performance and Topological Dynamics

Critical Studies of Media 1+514-757-3597