The Topological Media Lab (TML) was established in 2001 as a trans-disciplinary atelier-laboratory for collaborative research creation. In 2005, TML moved to Concordia University and the Hexagram research network in MontrĂ©al, Canada.Its projects serve as case studies in the construction of fresh modes of cultural knowledge and the critical studies of media arts and techno-science, bringing together practices of speculative inquiry, scientific investigation and artistic research-creation practices. The TML’s technical research areas include: realtime video, sound synthesis, embedded sensors, gesture tracking, physical computing, media choreography, and active textiles. Its application areas lie in movement arts, speculative architecture, and experimental philosophy.



No Distance
a work of Maria Kefirova and Miguel Angel Melgares
in collaboration with Nikolaos Chandolias
Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of February
at the Hexagram Video Production Studio
EV 10.760 at 19:00.

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Waking Dreaming Being
We would like to invite you to a reading group/interdisciplinary seminar to dive into Evan Thompson’s new book…

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