Lynn Hughes founded the Interstices research group (with Prof. Jean Dubois – UQAM) in 2000. Interstices focused on producing new media works that explore the aesthetic and poetic potential of interaction with the screen and sound, with a particular emphasis on the development of innovative physical and gestural interfaces. More recently, she and Prof.
Bart Simon (Sociology, Concordia) founded TAG (Technoculture Art and Games).

TAG is a radically interdisciplinary, inter-Faculty Research Center that brings together researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines to work on thinking about games and producing innovative prototypes. TAG leads a multi-university project group in the GRAND Network of Centers of Excellence and frequently collaborates with Kokoromi, an internationally known collective that curates and produces independent games.
Lynn’s productions include:

• Propinquity: a full body game for two players wearing sensors. Players gain points by staying as close as possible to active sensors on the others participant’s body, but lose if they touch. This performance/game explores very physical, electronically enhanced games as well as the ambiguous territory between fighting and dancing.

• Fabulous / Fabuleux: another interactive game using a custom physical interface in which the real space of the room is activated as much as the virtual space on the large projected screen. The game also uses spatialized sound to direct the players movements in the room.

• CUBID: a large scale play /game environment in which two players collaborate in real space to move through the levels of the virtual game. The players use custom wireless physical interfaces to control the visuals and the sound in real time.