pk langshaw
Professor at Concordia University
Directrice of d_verse Lab

pk langshaw is the directrice of the d_verse lab at hexagram/concordia institute for research/creation in media arts and technologies. In the lab we investigate where poetic introspection intersects with a hybrid prax- is that of verse- diverse, reverse, inversion, transversal, and reversible. The research/creation works are informed by design/art and science and situated as sociological projects. The content is mediated by forms of sensor controlled environments, garments, video, photography, real time interfaces and adaptive screen projections.

Sustainability including the three main tenets: ecological, socio-cultural and economic is studied and utilized in specific technological contexts, material form, as a unified strategy for nomadic performance environments. The internet as social media, network and/ or democratic site of communication, interaction and display is of particular interest.