Elysha Poirier is a visual artist, designer and illustrator working in various forms of new media. Her techniques in painting and design have been adapted to video for live performance. This includes experiments in stop-motion animation, and translating the essence of painterly techniques into a digital environment. Elysha has produced several installations and has engaged in live performances locally and abroad. She has performed with a diversity of artists stemming from experimental music, film and dance.

Her work has been described as organic and playful and embraces strong relationships to sound, design, and movement. As an image collector, Elysha has been accumulating an ongoing reserve of image libraries – often collected from nature, society, and her own personal experiments in graphics, shapes and illustrations. 

Elysha holds a diploma in graphic design. Her love of design has given her a natural eye for composition and arrangement of imagery both in static and moving applications. She has taught various workshops, runs her own freelance business: Peartree Design, and is presently a Technology Strategist for Zata Omm’s Dance and Technology Research Lab, funded by the Metcalfe Foundation.