Omar is an interactive media developer and architect with an interest in designing responsive environments, interactive media installations, and public interventions. His work investigates the phenomenology of perception, embodiment, and presence in responsive spaces, and is interested in the two-way relations between body and space in performative settings, as well as everyday practices.

Omar is currently pursuing an MA in individualized studies at Concordia University in Montreal, studying the areas of architecture, arts, technology, and philosophy. He is a member of the Hexagram research institute in Montreal, Canada, and is currently a part-time faculty at the department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University.
He holds a bachelor degree in Architecture, with a master of science in Virtual Environments from the Bartlett, University College London. He also holds a second bachelor degree with a major in Computer science and Computation Arts from Concordia University.

Omar has been involved with the Topological Media Lab as a research assistant since 2006, worked in several R&D projects for the web and mobile devices, and is a consultant and analyst for interactive development projects for mobile and web applications.