sponge, San Francisco, California

Laura Farabo has created experimental performance and theater for 30 years in Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. As co-artistic director of beggars and of snake performance companies, Laura pioneered constructions of site-specific performance and video performance. Laura founded the non-profit arts organization nightfire in 1981, which produced in the subsequent 15 years works such as “Obedience School” (LA to NYC) and “Bodily Concessions” (San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle).

Laura has won awards and grants from numerous foundations including the Rockefeller Foundation, Fulbright, National Endowment for the Arts, The Hewlett Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, and the California Arts Council.

Currently, as a co-founder of sponge, Laura is conducting experiments in the form of responsive spaces — TGarden — and public urban installations — Sauna.