Lina Dib is an artist and anthropologist associated with the Topological Media Lab in Montreal and TX/RX labs in Houston. Her PhD (2013) in Anthropology from Rice University concerned the contemporary technologies of memory. Situated at the intersection of anthropology, contemporary art, and the social study of science, her work focuses on concepts of time, memory, the environment, and intimacy in the design of digital recording devices. She has received grants and awards from Canada’s Social Science and Humanities Research Council, AMIDA’s European training program, and Rice University’s Humanities Research Center. Recent publications include: “The Forgetting Dis-ease: Making Time Matter” (2012), “Of Promises and Prototypes: The Archeology of the Future” (2010) and “Memory as Concept in the Design of Digital Recording Devices” (2008). Dib’s installations and compositions range from the ethnographic to the experimental, and have been shown in Montreal, New York, New Orleans, Paris and Houston.