Julian Stein is a composer and sound artist currently residing in Montréal, QC. His work often explores musical applications of the everyday, placing a large focus on intuition and present- experience. Exploring both composed and real-time environments, his work has ranged from multichannel composition and theatre sound-design to collaborative performance and kinetic sound installation. In specific, his work is interested by methods of audio-visual synchronization, phonetics, animal communication, and the urban environment.

Julian is a co-creator of the Montreal Sound Map (http://www.montrealsoundmap.com), and has recently completed a BFA in Music (Electroacoustic Studies) from Concordia University. He is urrently is a researcher at matralab and the Topological Media Lab, both which are part of the Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation at Concordia University.

Affiliation: gesture bending, ILYA

www.julianstein.net , www.montrealsoundmap.com