University of California Irvine

Satinder Gill received her PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge, where she developed a model of knowledge transfer and acquisition based on an analysis of the tacit, experiential, and explicit dimensions of knowing.

She conducted post-doctoral research at NTT’s information science and communication science research laboratories, and at ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, Kyoto), where she formed the theory of Body Moves and the Engagement Space.
At Stanford University’s CSLI (Centre for the Study of Language and Information), she expanded her conception of the relation between the body, cognition, speech, and the interface, in communication. During this time, she formed the CSLI Gestures and Dialogue Seminar. She is the Co-Editor of a book being produced from the Seminar that explores how an understanding of the complexity of human cognition can move beyond dualist theories of human knowing.

During her time at Stanford, she co-founded and served as Research Coordinator of the Real-Time Venture Design Lab. Here she developed an interactive framework and research agenda for the use of interactive media in the formation of communities of practice and knowledge design, building on her collaborations with the Stanford iSpaces project.

Inspired by the responsive media environment of the TGarden, Satinder Gill is extending her Body Moves approach to the pragmatics of meaning where salient body rhythms span more than one body