Hexagram was constituted on August 27th, 2001. As its geometric name suggests, it symbolizes the coming together of progressive trends. Hexagram was born out of the shared visions of Montreal’s two leading research institutions in media arts and technologies: Concordia University and UQAM. The goal was to combine their expertise in media arts and thus turn Montreal into an internationally recognized hub of creation and development.

At Hexagram, academics specialized in media arts and technologies can work together, forming the necessary critical mass to support innovation in this sector. A researcher based at Université de Montréal who developed a rapid-prototyping lab within his institution has recently joined the team of research members from UQAM and Concordia. More than 75 artists/researchers and 350 graduate students are now working together to make Montreal a showcase of academic excellence in media arts and technologies. From the beginning, the decision was made to set up a non-profit organization, located outside the two founding universities, with an independent Board of Directors.

“Hexagram is a catalyst and promoter of world-calibre research/creation within universities, building bridges with the media arts sector.’’

This is an exciting challenge for Hexagram. In this role it will act as a facilitator and catalyst for media arts through mobilization, transfer and commercialization activities.