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Flower Marie Lunn

MFA Fibres, Concordia University

Flower Marie Lunn is an emerging installation artist who focuses on
fibres-based soft architecture. She received her BFA and her MFA Fibres from Concordia University. She most enjoys the poetics of nature appearing in contemporary
spaces – a becoming-biological, becoming-molecular, becoming-planetary.

Zohar Kfir

Zohar Kfir is a Montréal-based artist working with video and interactive installation. She is a graduate of NYU’s ITP program (2002) and Concordia’s MFA program (2011). Her artistic practice focuses on the dynamic between growth and decay and the paradox of creating digital representations of natural phenomena. Zohar has shown her work internationally in galleries and video festivals; at the TML she has worked on prototyping electronics, documentation and assisting on various research projects.

In the past 3 years Zohar has worked mostly with the Memory-place group- meetings, assisting in research, prototyping electronics and documentation of the various experiments. She will be working on Tirtza Even’s project Failing.

Freida Abtan

After a first degree in maths (combinatorics) at Waterloo, a second in the DCART Fine Arts program at Concordia, and a Masters in music composition at Université de Montréal, Freida is now completing her Ph.D. in the MEME program at Brown University. Freida’s interests include videomusic, electronic music and video performance, and realtime responsive media.

David (Jhave) Johnston

Jhave is a digital poet. He has an undergrad degree in Computer Science; a Masters of Science in interactive art; & a PhD from Concordia University where he has worked as a research affiliate with OBX, TML & NT2.The TML’s Sha Xin Wei was on his PhD thesis committee.Jhave created the remixed stream from the TML’s Summer Workshop 2005, as well as the process of Remedios’ Terrarium, a TML group show in March 2008. Jhave (beginning fall 2012) is Assistant Professor at HYPERLINK “”City University of Hong Kong in the School of Creative Media.