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Andrew Forster is a visual artist. His work includes collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects, installation, live events for public space, prformance-video, sculpture and design for public space. Current work has two primary directions: firstly, movement-based performance, installation, video-installation, shown in visual art and dance venues (both as solo work and in collaboration) and, secondly, public text installations, design for public space and responses to art-in-architecture and urban design competitions (in collaboration with design professionals). Past work includes: a touring production of Samuel Beckett’s That Time (with artist Michael Fernandes); the development of the winning design in a competition for a new entrance to Place des Arts, Montreal (with architects Atelier Big City); Cinema, a performace in public space for an audience seated indoors (SAT, Place de la paix, Montreal); a performance for 75 people entitled En masse, (with choreographer Suzanne Miller); Ossip, a dance performance based on the poetry of Ossip Mandelstam. Current ‘research’ is about contemporary art as a critical practice in relationship to design practice (art in the space of design). MA thesis was on the design for public space and architecture of Vito Acconci. Forster teaches part-time in the Department of Design and Computation Arts with a focus on art and design as tools for investigating urban issues and public space. He has participated in several invitational design competitions for public space, notably with Atelier Big City: Place des Arts, Montreal (2002); identity program for ‘Quartier des spectacles’, Montreal (2004); and the Gatineau Monument Competition (2005).

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