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“Making Site-Specific Art and the Politics of the Event of Place”


Shauna is an urban curator with a background in theatre and interdisciplinary studies. She received her Ph.D in Humanities (2014), Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University, where she has also taught in the Departments of Theatre and Art History. Her current research focuses on the cultural politics of postindustrial urban spaces in relation to themes of public space, queer space, community activism, spatial justice, post-humanism, material and performative practices. In 2010, Shauna founded Urban Occupations Urbaines, a curatorial platform for artists, communities and the public to creatively and critically engage with cities and urban change. As an urban curator of collaborative, spatial, social, and communal actions within and upon the city of Montreal, Shauna has worked with La Fonderie Darling, the Griffintown Horse Palace Foundation, Heritage Montreal, Centaur Theatre, Montréal Arts Interculturel, Le Corridor culturel de Griffintown, Le Sud-Ouest de Montréal, Parks Canada, and the Centre d’histoire de Montréal. Recently, Shauna served as co-director and curator of Points de vue, a montreal based socially-engaged and activist art platform. Shauna’s writing has appeared in On Site and Ceramic Review. Shauna has also given public lectures and presentations at The Canadian Centre for Architecture (Ephemeral City, 2010), Articule (“Would you be my curator?” 2012), and The McCord Museum (City Talks, 2013). Shauna is an affiliate of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University.

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