JoDee Allen

digital looking

This research explores mimicking digital looking effects using white textile as visual data manipulated  altered  through  changing  the  camera  shutter speeds. The textile is installed in the space vertically and horizontally fixed by magnets. In addition, fabric strip ends are attached to the body of a performer creating an analog form of motion capture. Through this method, human body movement is suggested by the traces of white fabric, which are being physically manipulated by a performer moving throughout and interacting with the installation space. The slow shutter effect blurs the shifting fabric and among the white waves are only brief glimpses of a body moving in and out of clarity. Live feed from the camera to provide real-­‐time feedback to performer and initiate play between worlds, in-­‐camera versus real space. Additionally this next iteration of the process would include hanging threads/fabric strips with contact microphones provide incoming data to affect the filmed footage by scrubbing clips from a database (non-­‐linear). Eventually wider pieces of fabric will be used as projection surfaces intended to be manually opened by the installation ‘explorer’ to reveal hidden moments.