Nima Navab

Project: In-­‐Between

In-­‐Between is an interactive installation investigating the relationship between presence and material separation. By creating an interaction where people can directly animate their environments, In-­‐Between tries raise questions as to the relationship between the idea of a place, and the place itself. Starting from an exploration into surfaces that move in response to human engagement, the project makes maximum use of air (pneumatic valves) and variable pressures to inflate and deflate, i.e. animate, architecture that is normally static – in this case, a wall made of spandex and inflating/deflating balloons. The spandex is also used as a medium of interaction, as the participant pushes on its surface to play with both its physical and audible properties. This interaction is then projected onto the ceiling in above     them in real time. This interaction evokes a feeling of direct influence onto the surrounding built environment in a way that is playful and unfamiliar. When viewed directly beneath, the project appears as an optical illusion, however as the participant changes their position – rotating around the project – they will realize the ceiling bulges down up to six feet. The project is made through responsive         sound, real time video with visual effects as well as the physical structure but is only brought to life through participant’s interaction.

For the second iteration of this project, the dimensions will be roughly 9 ft. x 16 ft. with a controlled grid of inflating balloons of various sizes – ranging in diameter between 1 ft. – 6 ft. that rest behind the frame of spandex.