Valerie Walker

Indigo Griots … Solar Memories.. Northern Lights…

Using the power of solar energy stored during the day I will bring the SOUCCS station into the black box and set up video floor projections of the griots stories in Madame Ceci’s garden (a short pov video made during a performance piece in Minneapolis’s historic African American inner city, now near the expanded airport.   Various interactors will come to black box and get a solar power charge, telling the TransFutonic Indigo Griot  I portray,  a story in exchange for the pure solar power.

Exploration of multi-green-screening leading to insertion of 3D medias is something I plan to investigate visually using 3D material I’ve recently created in a 3D stereoscopic video production residency at OBORO this year in collaboration with Allison Moore and OBORO’s media labo.   Storytelling is at the heart of the Solar USB Charrging Culture Station (SOUCCS) project.    By interlacing and exploring the aural and visual connections of our stories, power and the technofascinations of society I will create an immersive piece that explores technology and memories from a multifaceted female perspective..

I plan to invite audio sound artist & composer Stephanie Loveless to collaborate on the audio.  I will also ask Douglas Ewart, Diasporic Griot (included in some of the Minn. video) to take part via his shakuhachi flute compostions on CD (he presents regularly at Banff Center).  I will ask Stephanie Loveless to work with this into her compositions along with other Trans-Atlantic African derived sounds I have been collecting via this research.