Based on previous work with Meteor Shower, Cosmicomics presents a fantastical sky animated by a fusion of lunar dreams inspired by Italo Calvino’s eponymous novel, and by the quantum inflationary cosmology created by Andre Linde. A large ceiling-mounted display (three plasma displays or a projected screen) opens a window into a fable of a cosmos, filled with liquid light and sound that dance to movement, epoch, and the alchemical condition of the Moon.

Cosmicomics was presented at Elektra 9-13 May 2007, Montreal.



1 tracking camera
3 tiled plasma screens
Video processing computer
Sound processing computer

Camera-based tracking, motion-feature extraction, media choreography state engine, realtime sound processing, realtime video processing.


Sha Xin Wei – Director, Art Concept
Harry Smoak – Director of production, creative advisor
Jean-Sébastien Rousseau – Video design and Max/Jitter OpenGL programming, Models and special effects video
Timothy Sutton – Sound design and Max/MSP programming

Emmanuel Thivierge – State engine programming, Camera feature extraction
Josée-Anne Drolet – Project Coordinator, Models and special effects video

Olfa Driss – Research, Models and special effects video
Michael Fortin – Graphics programming, OpenGL and optimization