“In the classical art of rhetoric, Quintilian and Cicero suggested that an orator or storyteller imagine a familiar building and position characters or other narrative elements in that imaginary architecture. The mnemonic device had the subject take an imaginary walk through a static architecture. Today’s architecture is suffused with motion, flow, transfer, and transmutation, veined by the internet, conducting video, sound, and people in constant movement.”

‘WunderKammer’ [Wonder Room], is a new media installation modeling people moving through time to explore poetic modulations of rhythm, repetition and corporeal memory. This new project conceptualized by the Montreal-based collective: Alkemie, exists in the format of a miniature portable theatre that features a provocative fusion of installation art, performance and real-time media technology.


Collaborating participants:
Elysha Poirier [Guest Resident Artist}
Jerome Delapierre – [Alkemie] Video Design and Interactive New Media
Navid Navab – [Alkemie] Sound Designer
Sha Xin Wei – Technologist/Theorist and Co-founder of TML and Alkemie
Michael Montanaro – Project Strategist and New Media Choreography and Co-founder of TML & Alkemie
Katie Young – [TML] Administrative Coordinator
Harry Standjofski – Actor and Script Writer
Alex Gaskin – [TML] Student and Builder of the WunderKammer
Jason Hendrik – [TML] Student Volunteer, Graphic Design
WunderKammer was conceived by Michael Montanaro and Sha Xin Wei
Funded by the Ontario Arts Council’s Ontario-Quebec Artist Residencies Program 2012.