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The Jamoma training will be hosted by TML artist-researchers working with this program. They will present and explain different examples and provide a DIY hands-on workshop.


October 22th, 12-3, With Evan Montpellier

This workshop will cover a set of Jamoma modules for manipulating video in realtime.

Topics that will be covered include:

-Installing Jamoma.
-The Syphon framework of sharing video between applications via the GPU.
-Capturing from multiple live input devices (cameras, playback decks, etc.)
-Postprocessing effects on the GPU via GLSL shaders.
-Basic mixing and compositing.
-Sending and receiving compressed video over local networks or the
internet via TCP.

Participants who wish to follow along with the demonstration should
bring an Apple computer with Max 6 installed, but computers are not
required and anyone is welcome.

November 27th, 12-3, with Nikos Chandolias


More info concerning the workshops coming soon !