In Situ Design: Another World Is Possible?

Sha Xin Wei

Mondays 1:30 - 5:30

EV 7.735

+ Labs to be arranged


This Project Studio offers a chance for conditioning the physical environment with computational and analog media in order to give other layers of possibility to a place and occasion. We explore possible methods for in-situ design. This studio encourages the use of technologies of performance including realtime video, realtime sound, but also analog techniques from performance, plastic arts, architecture.


Consult the Department's "Syllabus" for general guidelines about attendace, grading, and so forth.

The discussion sessions' format will be pretty free, but here is a prototypical pattern for a session:

  • Presentation
  • Group discussion of readings, themes for the week.
  • Break
  • In-class work session, lab

Major Project format:

1. Project Title, Author(s),
2. Captsule description or abstract -- What is it ?
3. Artistic aspect, aesthetics, experience
4. Technical aspect -- How is it made?
5. Significance -- Why is it interesting?
6. Research/Process Documentation (sketches, field work, references, notes, journal, maquettes)
7. Presentation



Students will be evaluated based on:

in-class participation and responses in the form of digital artifacts (30%),

in-class midterm exercise (20%),

and final project (50%).

Technical Information

The CDA labs have installed Cycling74's Max / MSP (realtime sound) and Max/ Jitter (realtime video). And they have a set of webcams that you can borrow for installations.






 • Skype: shaxinwei • 650.815.9962 •