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Lauren Osmond

From a background in fashion design, and with a keen eye for the theatrical and figurative qualities of garments and textiles, I experiment with traditional garment construction. The pieces that result from this interdisciplinary repurposing engage with the investigation of the body both aesthetically and spatially. I look at the body and its relations while in motion, and how its movements inform continuous adaptations of identity. A narrative of future forms of living and of decay ensues from my work, which often materialize as installations consisting of garments, weavings, performance, and video.

Evan Montpellier

Technical Coordinator of the Topological Media Lab

Evan Montpellier is a media artist, researcher and educator. He builds video and sound instruments, and is interested in the new forms of expressive fluency that emerge from them. Within the resulting aesthetics, he works to find a balance between ornamentation and narrative. Recently, he has been engaged at the Topological Media Lab developing video components of the Ozone media choreography system. He holds a BA in Religious Studies from McGill University and a BFA in Media Art from Concordia University.

Nina Bouchard

Communication Coordination

Nina Bouchard is a graduate from Concordia University‘s Computation Arts program. By creating different immersive and interactive installations, through use of sensors and new technology, she has concentrated her studies on the exploration of the relationship shared between analog and digital art. By combining digital and non-digital mediums, such as hidden sensors and layered visuals, she seeks to preserve a sense of nuance within her work that nurtures a spectator or participant’s sense of wonder. This is essential to her practice as this allows her to drawn her audience’s attention back to the subtle perceptual fluctuations in their own inherent perspectives.


Travis McEwen

Administrative Coordinator

Travis McEwen was born in Red Deer and was raised in Edmonton where he obtained a Diploma of Fine Arts from Grant MacEwan College and a BFA from the University of Alberta. Currently residing in Montreal where he has just completed an MFA from Concordia University. McEwen has shown work throughout Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Sackville. Primarily working with the medium of painting, his practice is concerned with the emotional and psychological experiences of being othered as well as themes of queerness, and gender, and how different marginalized communities employ strategies such as re-appropriation within the visual arts as forms of world-making.