Sha Xin Wei, Ph.D.


I'm interested in the experimental and non-anthropocentric study of ethico-aesthetic experience, the architecture of responsive environments, and the critical study of media arts and sciences. At the intermediate scale, my work concerns the phenomenology of performance, phenomenology of differential geometry, and the technologies of performance. At the finest scale, my work is focused on constructing pliant computational matter: topological media. To inform these inquiries, I work in ateliers with teams of students and colleagues abductively exploring gesture and performance, the sense of temporal patterns / rhythm, computer-mediated interaction, geometric visualization, and diachronic (temporal) writing systems, using computational timebased media, sensors, movement techniques, live event techniques, and active materials. (See Synthesis Report.)

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Research streams: * – IL Y A related installations * – theater in a box, with M. Montanaro, Topological Media Lab** – time modulation experiments & installations – memory and movement, with D, Morris, Philosophy** *

* private | ** Concordia University


2014 - present
Professor and Director
School of Arts, Media and EngineeringSynthesis Center
Arizona State University, Phoenix USA

2005 - 2013
Director, Topological Media Lab
Canada Research Chair Media Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor • Design and Computation Arts
Concordia University, Montreal Canada

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To make an appointment, please contact, 480-727-2853

Email: xinwei sha asu edu
Cell: +1-650-815-9962


AME 530 Proseminar: Experiential Media Methodology and Theory I – From Representation to Performance
AME 531 Proseminar: Experiential Media Methodology and Theory II – Emergence, Ontogenesis, Individuation

Additional seminars in special topics e.g.:

SIP825S or SIP637X
INDI 633 Critical Studies of Media Arts and Sciences
INDI 698 Directed Research: Practicum

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