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Selected Papers and Talks

See also Synthesis Report and the Topological Media Lab's Research References .

Critical Studies of Media Arts and Sciences

  • "Rhythm and Textural Temporality: Experience without Subject and Duration as Effect", with Garrett L. Johnson, 2019 (under review).
  • "Vaster Than Empires and More Slow: Vegetal Rhythm and Poiesis in Topological Matter," Keynote SLSA, ASU, 10 Nov 2017.
  • "Synthesis Center: Fusing and Transmuting Practices," Aug 2017.
  • "Environmental Health: Organism's Health ~ World's Health," May 2017.
  • "Ateliers for Transdisciplinary Research-Creation," Brain on Art, ValenciaSep 2017.
  • "Recherche-Création / Research-Creation: Scienza Nuova," Brain on Art, Valencia, Sep 2017.
  • "Semiomath", University of Paris 7 Diderot, Paris, May 2017.
  • "Condition of Place", Idea of Place, U of Alberta, Edmonton, May , 2017.
  • "Urban Futures, Resilient Cities," Institute for Urban Futures, Concordia, April 2017.
  • “Theater Without Organs: Co-Articulating Gesture and Substrate in Responsive Environments,” in Living Architecture Systems Group White Papers, ed. Philip Beesley and Ala Roushan, Toronto: Riverside Architectural Press, 2016, pp. 276-29. (full paper, with images)
  • Poiesis and Enchantment in Topological Matter, MIT Press, 2013. (Preface and Chapter 1).
  • "Topology and Morphogenesis", in special issue on Topologies of Multiplicity, ed. Celia Lury, Theory, Culture, and Society, 29.4/5,2012, p. 220-246. (Aberdeen draft).
  • "The Atelier-Lab as a Transversal Machine?", in spécial issue on Les études américaines à l’ère des médias numériques, Revue française d’études américaines, 2011/2, no. 128, p. 62-78 (PDF), color plates I-VIII (PDF).
  • "Concerted knowledges and practices: an experiment in autonomous cultural production" AI & Society, 25Th Anniversary Volume, A Faustian Exchange: What Is To Be Human in the Era of Ubiquitous Technology, March 201, p. 1-13. (PDF) .
  • "The Topological Media Lab as a transversal machine? The art and technologies of performance" Society for the Social Studies of Science, Washington DC, 28 October - 1 November 2009 (slides slides+notes).
  • "From Technologies of Representation to Technologies of Performance" Critical Digital 2, Harvard Graduate School of Design, April 2009 (zip).
  • "Topological Media Lab 2001-2009: Art all the way down?" Talk OCAD 23 March 2009 (PDF slides).
  • "Petitot, Whitehead, the Problem of Novelty, and Computer Vision," SLSA Charlotte, 13 November 2008. (slides: PDF, video)
  • "What's At Stake: the Poetics of Performative Space," AI & Society London, 6 October 2008. (PDF)
  • "The Topological Media Lab: studying subjectivation, agency and materiality from phenomenological, social and computational perspectives," Jan 9, 2008, SIAT, SFU.
  • "Poetics of Performative Space," in preparation for AI & Society, Springer-Verlag. ( What's at stake? Lays out the ethico-aesthetic and critical motivations for this genre of work in responsive environments.)
  • "Poiesis and Enchantment," Deleuze Conference, U. California Berkeley, 3 November 2006. (QT video of slides 120 mb)
  • "Whitehead's Poetical Mathematics," Configurations - Volume 13, Number 1, Winter 2005, pp. 77-94. (PDF)
  • "Towards a Poetics of Performative Space," in preparation for Special Issue of Poetics Today, Winter 2005. (A more sustained description of the phenomenological questions being explored in the responsive media spaces. Making explicit some of the ethico-aesthetic concerns and consequences that informed both the aesthetic concept of the experience in play spaces, and their technical architecture.)
  • "Poetics of Performative Space," slides for talk Feb 2006 (PDF 10mb, PDF for Harvestworks 2006, 22 mb)
  • "The TGarden Experimental Performance Project," to appear in Modern Drama 2005.
  • "Ethico-Aesthetics in T* Performative Spaces," in On Transient Realities and Their Generators, ed. Kuzmanovic and Tim Boykett. Maribor, Slovenia: Kibla, 2005, pp. 22-39. To be recast as prospectus for book: A Genealogy of Topological Media. (Describing some of the technical and ethico-aesthetic aspects of the TGarden family of responsive play spaces: TGarden 2000 through FoAM’s trg 2005.)
  • "The TGarden Performance Research Project." Modern Drama, 48.3, Fall, Special Issue: Technology (2005): 585-608. (PDF with color images, Published article )
  • "Differential Geometrical Performance and Poiesis," in Configurations, Vol 12, Number 1, Winter 2004, pp. 133-160. (PDF)
  • "Does felt dream of electric sheep?" Carbon vs. Silicon, Thinking Small/ Thinking Fast, Banff Canada, 2003. (QT slides)
  • "Resistance Is Fertile: Gesture and Agency in the Field of Responsive Media," in Makeover: Writing the Body into the Posthuman Technoscape, Two-Part Special Issue of Configurations, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, Part 2: Configurations, Vol 10, Number 3, Summer 2002. (PDF)
  • "Melting Pot or Fruit Salad: Experiment in Autonomously Producing Culture,"2003, in preparation for CODE.
  • "Ethico-aesthetics of Collaboration," Bridges 2, Banff Center for the Arts, 2002. slides.
  • with Timothy Lenoir, "Authorship and Surgery: The Shifting Ontology of the Virtual Surgeon," in Bruce Clarke and Linda Dalrymple Henderson, ed., From Energy to Information: Representation in Science and Technology, Art, and Literature, Stanford University Press, 2002. (PDF 3mb)
  • "Speechpainting - An Architectural Medium," E-Zine, 15.10, Oct 2001. (PDF, HTML)
  • with sponge, "The surface that holds the image is unstable," ec/Arts #2, September 2000. (PDF, HTML)
  • Differential Geometric Performance and the Technologies of Writing, lecture at Georgia Tech, School for Literature, Culture and Communication, February 2000.
  • "Geometric Measure Theory As Monster Mash," Society for Literature and Science, 4S, October 1999, slides. (How mathematicians construct and re-nromalize pathologies in order to extend concepts in geometric measure theory, departing from Lakatos.)
  • with Tim Lenoir, "The Virtual Edge -- Tracing the Postmodern Surgeon," From Energy To Information Conference , Austin Texas, 1997, slides.
  • "PostScript? Geometric Writing As Performance," Imaging and Visualization in the Cultures of Science and Medicine, University of Utah, March 1998, slides.
  • with Niklas Damiris, "Hyletic Material: Concepts and Mathematics for a Continuous Ontology."

Computational Science

Artist Statements and Presentations


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